Honeywell Air Purifier Reviews

We imagine birds and only sky to begin our new day. Feeling entitled that fresh air will bath over us every time we open the window. When John wrote “Imagine” perhaps he knew all too well everything is nothing but imagination.

Wildfire was making headlines across the world – from Amazon, Borneo to Australia. So big an impact that it left a scarry dent on 2019.

bird flying clear sky

You can see it, smell it, and feel it in a sky of smog and dirty air. And you know you’re not dreaming. This time it’s real.

Often time you are told to stay indoors when the outdoor air is bad. But never heard them say stay outdoors when indoor air is bad. It was madness back then but today you might want to rethink again – no joke. If that’s not an option, you are left with one path to go down to.

You must clean your indoor air

What’s Our Plan Here

This article compiles all Honeywell air purifiers that have proven to work in solving indoor air quality problems. So you don’t have to scour through all the scattering information out there saving you countless hours doing something worth doing – start cleaning your air.

For fast and easy reference, we put them into their own respective groups and have them individually reviewed. This will provide a map for you to go through the process of selecting the best Honeywell air purifier based on your own needs.

In 2 minutes, you’ll know the long lines of Honeywell air purifiers, what they look like, their features and benefits, customers’ feedback, prices and many more.

Then you can make an informed decision “Why Honeywell air purifier” or investing your hard-earned cash elsewhere.

Why They Do What They Do

Honeywell is too big a name for comparison even for big players in the industry. If you skim through what they actually do and their footprints on the world, you’ll be amazed. If they can help flies rocket to the moon, they can make home air purifiers fly too.

The twist is, in 2002, the Honeywell Consumer Products division that makes air purifiers was licensed to Kaz. And then in 2010, Helen of Troy acquired Kaz. Okay, we don’t want to get sucked into this. Business is business.

But what’s important is that we want to know if these air purifiers still have the Honeywell genes from the beginning. Is the brand continue to flourish under new leadership? We’ll find out.

The Future is What We Make It ~ Honeywell

In their 2018 annual report, Helen of Troy praised Honeywell as one of the 7 Leadership Brands that has contributed to 77% of net sales revenue for fiscal 2018. They pledged to continue investing in new products to accelerate the growth of Honeywell brand.

The new products must also require approval from Honeywell before introductions into markets. Even the packaging has a high standard to meet.

How does this concern you? With this renewed commitment, we believe the Honeywell brand will remain a strong contender in the air purifiers industry for many years to come. Competitions will only benefit consumers as new and smart technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) is set to become a new playing field.

The direction is clear. The outcome will be a safer and cleaner indoor air environment.

Honeywell Inside Air Purifiers

Product Safety

Being in many heavily-regulated industries, Honeywell knows the importance of health & safety transcends to all areas of human life. Thus making products safe is on top of their priorities to ensure those using their products are perfectly sound.

The most obvious safety feature is no sharp edges or corners on the external. It’s been designed with a purpose to prevent injury or cut. Combining with weight and an anti-fall base, the unit appears to gravitate on the floor without risk of tipping over when being pushed.

A rotating fan is dangerous without proper safety in place. When things go wrong, it can be really bad. For that reason, Honeywell ensures the fan is properly guarded by making it harder for small kids to slip anything into the fan compartment.

Ozone Safe

All Honeywell air purifiers are certified ozone-safe by the California Air Resources Board (CARB). They have been tested to pass the electrical safety and ozone level 0.050 ppm. It’s known worldwide as one of the highest standards available to protect public health from the harmful effects of air pollution.

You can find the entire list here

Why ozone-safe matter to you? It’s because ozone can damage the lungs when inhaled at higher levels. Even low amounts can cause shortness of breath, chest pain, and throat irritation. Ozone may also trigger asthma attacks and weaken the body to fight respiratory infections.

Seeing this sign is like having a compass in your hand. It tells you straight away if an air purifier is worth owning.

Energy Efficient

Most Honeywell air purifiers carry the Energy Star label after being certified to meet:

40% more energy-efficient than standard models, saving consumers about 225 kWh/year and $30 annually on utility bills. These savings could add up to $235 over its lifetime! ~ Energy Star

You can find the entire list here

There’s a standard process of how an air purifier earns the Energy Start label… You can be assured that an ES label will leave your wallet thicker each month.

Sensing Technology

You can’t manage what you can’t measure. In recent years when health issues caused by air pollution tipped, there’s an urgency to want to know what’s in the air. Lacking in reliable sensing technology seemed to be the main obstruction.

With over 50,000 sensors products made by the Honeywell Sensing, you can expect the Honeywell air purifiers to benefit hugely from it. They range from limit, pressure switches, speed, particles counter and airflow sensors.

As the world is moving into the AI era, sensing and controls technology will prove to be the cornerstone in building smarter air purifiers. It’s not a surprise at all to see Honeywell leading the way. We no longer have to at the mercy of what’s in the air. Real-time sensing will purify the air long before dirty air causes us problems.

What You Should Know

While reviewing the Honeywell air purifiers, we discover several defect issues that include burning smell, fan noise, on-off problem, clicking noise, and etc. It’s not always easy to determine what’s the root cause with only half the story known.

But we’re more concern about the response from Kaz or Helen of Troy Customer Service. If they are helpful and proactive? Any dispute on warranty claim?

We’re pleased to see just how firm they stand behind their products. They maintain their commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction and value feedback for improvement. Often followed by a suggestion to solve problems.

Honeywell Air Purifier Reviews

We have gathered all Honeywell air purifiers and listed them based on the recommended room area in sq. ft. It gives you the first hint on which air purifier group you would eventually end up with. From there, you will know the resulted air changes – the ultimate factor that will tell if your investment is going to bear fruit.

A quick recap. Air changes is a number to measure how many times the air within a room is circulated in one hour. It tells us the total amount of air being filtered. The higher the cleaner the room.

Find the Right Air Purifier for You

Honeywell has a diverse selection of air purifiers aiming at solving multiple indoor air quality issues. Some of the common ones are airborne particles, mold, germ, allergen, lead dust, odor, smoke, vaping, and VOCs.

While the entire list of Honeywell air cleaners is capable of removing contaminants, you should select the right one which is best for a particular setting. To start with, you may consider the following questions:

1. What room size you plan to use the air purifier?

2. What filter type of air purifier are you looking for?

  • HEPA / Non HEPA
  • True HEPA
  • Mechanical / Electronic

3. What features are you looking for in the air purifier?

4. What is your budget?

Table below shows the Honeywell Air Purifiers categorized by the room area they serve. To find out more, click on the air purifier of your interest.

Product NameRoom Area
(sq. ft)
Filter TypeDesign / SeriesColor
For Small Area <100 sq. ft.
Honeywell HFD-010 Air Purifier
62Non HEPA / ElectronicTower / QuietCleanWhite
Honeywell HPA060 Air Purifier75True HEPA / MechanicalTower / Allergen Remover Black
Honeywell HPA020B Air Purifier80True HEPA / MechanicalTabletop Black
Honeywell HHT270W Air Purifier85HEPA / MechanicalTabletop White
For Medium Area <200 sq. ft.
Honeywell HPA100 / HPA104 Air Purifier 155True HEPA / MechanicalAllergen RemoverBlack / White
Honeywell HFD-120-Q Air Purifier 170 Non HEPA / ElectronicTower / QuietCleanBlack
Honeywell HPA030 Air Purifier170True HEPA / MechanicalTower Black
Honeywell HPA160 HEPA Air Purifier170True HEPA / MechanicalTower / Allergen Remover Black
For Large Area <350 sq. ft.
Honeywell HFD300 AirGenius 3 Air Purifier225Non HEPA / ElectronicTower / AirGenius White
Honeywell HFD310 AirGenius 4 Air Purifier250Non HEPA / ElectronicTower / AirGeniusBlack
Honeywell HFD320 AirGenius 5 Air Purifier250Non HEPA / ElectronicTower / AirGeniusBlack
Honeywell HFD360B AirGenius 6 Air Purifier 260Non HEPA / ElectronicTower / AirGenius / SmartBlack
Honeywell HPA200 / HPA204 Air Purifier310True HEPA / MechanicalAllergen RemoverBlack / White
Honeywell HPA250B Air Purifier310True HEPA / MechanicalAllergen Remover / SmartBlack
Honeywell HPA600B Air Purifier325True HEPA / MechanicalProfessionalBlack
For Extra Large Area +350 sq. ft.
Honeywell 50250-S Air Purifier
390True HEPA / MechanicalTrue HEPA White
Honeywell HPA300 / HPA304 Air Purifier465True HEPA / MechanicalAllergen RemoverBlack / White
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