10 Best Honeywell Air Purifiers 2020: the top true HEPA models you can buy right now

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These are the 10 best Honeywell (True HEPA) air purifiers to buy in 2020.

If you’re looking for the best Honeywell (True HEPA) air purifiers you can buy in 2020, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve researched each one of them and then listed the best 10 you can buy right now.

Finding the best air purifier to meet your specific needs is not quite an easy task. You may have already seen many negative reviews online – many of which were voices from users who have picked the wrong unit for the wrong use. For that reason, we want to help you make the correct decision the first time so no remorse will ever repeat.

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10 Things You Should Know Before Buying Honeywell AirGenius Air Purifiers

Remember in the last post where we said, “You should select the right Honeywell air cleaner… and filter type is one of the factors you should consider…”. Well, in this post we’re going to do just that by revealing the full story of the AirGenius.

For quite a long time, the talk is all about HEPA. Inside or outside of the air purification industry people know that if you want clean air HEPA is what you go for.

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Honeywell Air Purifier Reviews

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We imagine birds and only sky to begin our new day. Feeling entitled that fresh air will bath over us every time we open the window. When John wrote “Imagine” perhaps he knew all too well everything is nothing but imagination.

Wildfire was making headlines across the world – from Amazon, Borneo to Australia. So big an impact that it left a scarry dent on 2019.

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The 5 Best Dehumidifiers for Home of 2019

Finally, it has just gone into effect in June 2019

You’d be glad because if it was stopped, at least $100 to $140 of saving would have been taken away from you.

We’re talking about the Energy Conservation Standards for Dehumidifiers adopted in 2016 and come into force last summer. The target is to pull energy costs down by pushing dehumidifiers’ efficiency up.

And you won’t believe the NEW dehumidifiers will pay for themselves within a year from the saving!

But the change has come down hard on stakeholders. Then it sets off confusion and uncertainty in America’s homes as the market tries to reset itself.

For example, how a 70-pint dehumidifier can now rate 50-pint without a single change to the capacity?

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The 5 Best Air Purifiers for Allergies and Asthma of 2020


Rhinitis, Pharyngitis, Laryngitis, Dermatitis, Conjunctivitis… Asthma

Found something common on your doctor’s scribble? These sick sounding words are the names of allergic diseases. And asthma is an allergic reaction.

If you’ve been dealing with them, we feel we owe you something that can effectively solve your situation right away.

But the question is “do air cleaners actually work for allergies?” Feeling dissatisfied, we scour through numerous papers and books. There we found this…

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7 Best Air Purifiers For Smoke Of 2020 That You Wish You Know Earlier

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Are You Making These Mistakes Before Buying Air Purifiers For Smoke?

Smokers strike back. They’re amazed why non-smokers hate smokers so much. Something they found pretty stupid. And if you’re a non-smoker too – like me. Read on and you’ll see why – often require a rethink.

“Your killing yourself you know?”

Serious? You think we don’t already know this? But the question is why smokers get this most? Look at obesity rates compared to smoking cases. One side is clearly badly demonized than the other…

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The 5 Best True Ionic Air Purifiers of 2020

Looking for the best TRUE ionic air purifiers you can buy in 2020?

Here, is a piece of paper, page 14 of ASHRAE Journal of September 2019, that talks about the NEW guidance for home air cleaners. This leads us to the first and most important question we want to know which is:

“How does good indoor air quality improve health”

Based on the guides, we researched dozens of ionic air purifiers on the market and then singled out 5 which are the ultimate best. We called them “TRUE ionic air purifiers” to separate them from the many models that are either hybrid or crappy.

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