The 5 Best Air Purifiers for Allergies and Asthma of 2020


Rhinitis, Pharyngitis, Laryngitis, Dermatitis, Conjunctivitis… Asthma

Found something common on your doctor’s scribble? These sick sounding words are the names of allergic diseases. And asthma is an allergic reaction.

If you’ve been dealing with them, we feel we owe you something that can effectively solve your situation right away.

But the question is “do air cleaners actually work for allergies?” Feeling dissatisfied, we scour through numerous papers and books. There we found this…

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7 Best Air Purifiers For Smoke Of 2020 That You Wish You Know Earlier

cigarette smoke

Are You Making These Mistakes Before Buying Air Purifiers For Smoke?

Smokers strike back. They’re amazed why non-smokers hate smokers so much. Something they found pretty stupid. And if you’re a non-smoker too – like me. Read on and you’ll see why – often require a rethink.

“Your killing yourself you know?”

Serious? You think we don’t already know this? But the question is why smokers get this most? Look at obesity rates compared to smoking cases. One side is clearly badly demonized than the other…

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The 5 Best True Ionic Air Purifiers of 2020

Looking for the best TRUE ionic air purifiers you can buy in 2020?

Here, is a piece of paper, page 14 of ASHRAE Journal of September 2019, that talks about the NEW guidance for home air cleaners. This leads us to the first and most important question we want to know which is:

“How does good indoor air quality improve health”

Based on the guides, we researched dozens of ionic air purifiers on the market and then singled out 5 which are the ultimate best. We called them “TRUE ionic air purifiers” to separate them from the many models that are either hybrid or crappy.

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