10 Unique & Smart Infrared Thermometers That Will Be Your Health Great Defender

Looking for an infrared thermometer so you can monitor your health and your family’s health daily? Not something we normally do. But we knew what happened in recent months. Life is still far from normal.

Lots of measures have been discussed. With an aim to eliminate this bad virus. Among the measures in place is temperature monitoring or checks. It’s a fast and easy way to detect early signs of infection – fever.

Probably you’ve tried working with the old school thermometers. And you know they had problems. Now you want more. You want a smart and safe infrared thermometer that also looks different.

Here, you will find an awesome compilation of 10 unique smart infrared thermometers that you probably love. Shoot, measure, and read temperature like you’ve never done before. And keeping everybody safe under your monitor.

Let’s get started!

#1. ALLESBESTENS Self-Diagnose Infrared Thermometer: Wall Mounted


Looking for a self-diagnose thermometer to be placed at your premise entrance? This wall-mounted forehead infrared thermometer is the perfect answer. No contact at any point. High accuracy and instant reading on LCD display. To make detection even easier, it’s preset with temperature warning and alarm light.

#2. RYOBI Smartphone Infrared Thermometer: HD Images & Videos


Want to turn your phone into a smart infrared thermometer? This gadget is a must-have to go with your phone. Measure and record surface temperatures with enjoyment. Simply plug into your phone. And use app to display images and read temperatures. It can also capture high-definition images and videos, and share on social media.

#3. CHINO Face Infrared Thermometer: For Front Counter


This infrared thermometer is best for checking temperature at entrance counter. No mounting needed. Specially made in Japan to look classic and unique. 100% no contact and sensors will automatically initiate reading once subject positions face within 15 cm from the unit. 3 seconds is all it takes to know the status of your health.

#4. WITHINGS Smart Infrared Thermometer: High Precision


This infrared thermometer has 16 infrared sensors that take over 4000 measurements. With high accuracy. Data from every reading (and health advice) displays in the app automatically. And beautifully with color-coded fever indicator. What’s more. You can now create a personal temperature history for up to 8 users. Perfect for your family.

#5. TEMON Smartphone Contactless Thermometer: For Android

(Crucial Trak)

This is one of the simplest non-contact thermometers you will find. This smart thermometer easily reads temperature of a person, object, or environment. Simply plug in to your Android smartphone. And positions the sensor near the target and see results in 3 seconds. You can manage all data log by mobile app – for sharing with your GP or for you own reference.

#6. HEALSMART Professional Infrared Thermometer: Pen Shape Design


This infrared digital thermometer is a professional non-contact infrared thermometer. Which can be used to measure body temperature quickly and accurately. Uses the most advanced infrared technology. Result within 1 second. Thanks to its pen shape design, you can simply hold aim and measure at any angle without problems.

#7. PEIPEI Smartphone Infrared Thermometer: Mini Design


This eye shape infrared thermometer looks pretty unique and simple. Nothing fancy. Just plug the jack into your phone and swiftly measure the temperatures with no-touch. Whether it’s for taking ambient, surface, or body temperature – it doesn’t matter it all works. You can also use an extension cord to get the sensor to places you can’t reach.

#8. GFYWZZ Forehead Infrared Thermometer: Simple Design


This infrared thermometer is actually pretty nifty and well designed. Looks more like a toy than most infrared thermometers out there. Perfect for measuring body temperature, water, milk, foods, or room temperature. You name it. The large operating buttons next to the LED digital screen lets you use this thermo with ease.

#9. GFYWZZ One Button Infrared Thermometer: Modern Design


This stylish infrared thermometer looks pretty amazing and unique. Have you seen anything like this before? All it takes is one button and one-second temperature measurement. Non-contact design to prevent cross-infection. It’s definitely an excellent tool for everyday use and a chic complement for your modern lifestyle.

#10. OZE Concept Infrared Thermometer: With Blood Testing

(Yanko Design)

This infrared thermometer can diagnose diseases by checking temperature and testing blood for pathogens. What sets it apart is its ability to do a quick blood test. Just pop the base off and you’ll see a blood-testing module that lets you take small prick of blood.


#11. Smart Interactive User Interface Thermometer: With Facial Icons

(Yanko Design)

This thermometer uses facial icons to make measuring temperature more interactive and fun. The surface that touches your skin is actually a detachable silicone cap. You can replace or sanitize them. A glance is more than enough to know the status of your health.

…The End…

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