10 UNIQUE Mini Air Humidifiers You Can Use To Stay Safe & Healthy

Easy Way To Boost Your Health With Mini Air Humidifiers

Important. You got to know this. Especially if you spend at least 85% of your time indoors during the winter. The report is out. Low indoor relative humidity (RH) causes a lot of health issues – according to ASHRAE Journal Sept 2020, pg-30. Read on.

New study reveals when indoor air is less than 40% RH, the natural defense system of your airways, eyes, and skin are impaired. Why? Because the moist loss from tissues leaves you significantly more vulnerable to infectious, inflammatory, and allergic diseases.

Not only that. It stresses brain functioning and overstimulates blood clotting which links to heart attacks and strokes. Further, dry air creates perfect conditions for viruses and bacteria to stay buoyant and flourish for longer periods of time. And for this reason they can spread more readily within your breathing zone.

So what’s the straightforward solution?

Here, this awesome compilation showcases 10 Unique Mini Air Humidifiers you probably will need. They’re small and easy to use anytime anywhere. Keep an eye on babies, kids or the elderly. Try it out today and take control of your health.

Let’s begin.

#1. QLZ Mini Mist Air Humidifier: Yellow Submarine Design


This yellow submarine mini humidifier with a little duck on top looks cute, isn’t it? But not only that. It’s made of high-quality material as baby bottles – safe, durable, and easy to clean. And you need only USB to power up. See for yourself how it’ll vastly improve your sleep in 4 folds – by the warm light, moisturized air, total silence, and auto operation.

#2. Plow & Hearth Solid Cast Iron Humidifier: Angry Black Dragon

(Plow & Hearth)

Want to see a bit of drama while making your winter air moist and warm? Look at this angry dragon mini humidifier puffing out steam from its nostrils! But why cast iron and not plastic? Besides giving a vintage look (enamel matte coating resists rust), it makes it more durable, retain heat longer, and withstand high temperature even if empty.

#3. LeGrow Patented Small Plant Pot Humidifier: With LED Lights


You love growing indoor plants, but they die soon? Probably this is a sign that your home is too dry. But no worries. This unique mini humidifier can help bigly. It has two LED lights that can be set to periodically nourish your plants. More importantly, it helps maintain moist balance within this small ecosystem to ensure all living things self-sustain and flourish.

#4. Monarti Portable Handheld Mini Air Humidifiers: Reindeer Design


Looking for a cute and useful gift for your friends or family this Christmas? This mini reindeer vaporizer will be your great choice. It is time to sit back and enjoy your warm and comforting bubble this festive season. All you need is to plug in any USB source – power socket, laptop or power bank. Take it with you everywhere as protection against the extreme dry air.

#5. FANMI Warm Night Light Mini Humidifier: Ear Touch Control


No Button Required! But then how to get the unit working? This innovative mini humidifier has something special. It has ear touch control. Touch left ear once to start continuous mist, twice to start intermittent mist. For turning on or off night light, simply touch the right ear. The warm light along with invigorating steam will create a relaxing ambient in a cold dry night.

#6. KIPIIN 7-Color Light Mini Humidifier: Soda Can & Leak-Proof Design


Want a portable and compact humidifier that you can use safely while on the go? Take a look at this 7-color light mini humidifier. It’s so convenient and space-saving in your car – like a can of soda. But more importantly, it doesn’t spill even the bumpiest ride. Why? Because it has a sealing ring inside to prevent water from leaking out. Touch to start and forget (auto-off).

#7. Nano Cool Mister Mini Humidifier: Leaf Branch Design


Want to add a lively and natural feel in your room? Here’s one easy way. This mini mister is designed to take unique leaf branch shape. It can be perfectly integrated into your flower or plant pots indoor. And replenish everything inside with clean moist. Yes this unit has built-in cotton and rock to filter impurities in the water before being used to produce nano mist.

#8. Stadler Form Emma Mini Air Humidifier: Water Closet Design

(Stadler Form)

How will you not love this Swiss Design? Emma is a personal humidifier designed with every detail well though out. It’s light and compact. It can be store in the bottle to save space when you travel. Or put on your crowded desks, bed sides and other small spaces. Looks cool in its big water tank and dimmable night lights – resembling a water closet!

#9. ElenZK Colorful Light Mini Air Humidifiers: Artistic Train Design


Tired of the same old boring designs and wants something different? Look no further. This small train humidifier is for you. Just press the start button, and you’ll see all lamp lights up and fairytale sounds whistle to you ears. Then change the lamp color as you like to suit to your mood. What’s more is when the 110,000 times high frequency ultrasonic turns water into fine mist – replenishing water loss in your air.

#10. LittleHippo WISPI Adorable Small Humidifier: For Children & Kids


From the #1 most backed kid’s clock, MELLA, WISPI is a children’s humidifier that combines adorable design with function. Choose from 7 night light colors or color-changing option. But not only that, now you’ve the option to set the misting based on timer or humidistat. And when the tank is running dry it automatically shuts off – 100% safe for children.

…The End…

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