10 UNIQUE & Cool Solar Lights That’ll Save Your Money Quick

Payday. What does it mean to you? Does your money go into reserve? Or does a big portion of it go to fill up the debt holes made by last week’s or month’s bills? You’ve got a truth to tell yourself. Okay. I hear you…

So the idea is this. How about stop making the big guys in the energy company rich by taking one small step today. Let me explain. For years scientists have been studying the sun. And in a stunning discovery, they found the sun produces more energy in one hour than the world used in one year. If that’s not stunning, I don’t know what’s. And it’s absolutely free.

So what’s the rationale or excuse of not tapping into this abundance. In perspective, it simply makes the idea of paying money for energy – an act of madness. Back to the main point. So what can be done today that’ll pay off tomorrow?

Here, this compilation showcases 10 Unique & Cool Solar Lights that will inspire you to kick start a long and rewarding journey. They’re not costly to own. But moreover, they’ll save you big time down the road. Power them up with the sun and gradually phase out all the dirty electric lightings.

Towards the promising end – Here we go!

#1. MPOWERD Luci Candle: Solar Inflatable Light


Create a warm and comfortable ambient in any space with this solar light. It’s inflatable and lightweight which makes it perfect for your patio, yoga studio, parties, or mood lighting. The amber LED inside is a clean and reliable source of light. Charge it under direct sunlight and enjoy up to 18 hours of saving.

#2. Little Sun Solar Powered LED Lamp: A Worthy Cause

(Little Sun)

This innovative sun-shaped lamp was designed to make sustainable energy accessible to all. Comes with a powerful battery, just 5 hours of charging in the sun generates sufficient energy for 50 hours of light (on low setting). Makes a great night light and reading lamp with dimming function. Also built to last for years – reducing demand for batteries and creating less plastic waste & emissions.

#3. TomCare Dancing Flame Solar Light Lantern


Burning your money just to make the garden beautiful in the evening? Think again. Now you can have this unique dancing flame solar lamp to create something different – without hurting your pocket. Imagine the reaction of your friends when they see this real tree stump. Will they not feel impressed and welcomed by the created ambiance.

#4. TELOSMA Solar Powered LED Candle Light


Not happy with the fume, smoke, and heat coming from a burning candle? No problem. This solar candle light will save your day. Now with this flameless candle, you can lit up for as long as you desire without the risk or worry – up to 12 hours. It also looks real and beautiful. Never have to buy candle again. A little bit of sunlight is all you need.

#5. Elnsivo Dog Paw Design Solar Path Light


If you’re a pet lover, this special solar light is for you. Probably the simplest thing you can add to make your path bright. Feel the warmness and accompany as you walk. 100% solar – save you money on electricity. No power cable required. But that isn’t all. It’s made of tough plastic and sealed tight, to give a long-lasting life.

#6. Grand Patio Vintage Decorative Solar Lantern

(Grand Patio)

Looking for a more artistic way to brighten up your space? The solar lantern is classic enough to be placed anywhere as decor and nighttime illumination. It has a flame LED inside to make a vivid flickering fire effect – ideal for outdoor events. 100% solar-powered and wireless. Also, built with premium materials for superb durability.

#7. Bitcircuit Rotating Solar Lighthouse


Too dark? Needing a guide to take you home? Check this out. This unusual solar lamp has a rare look. Not only it resembles a real lighthouse, it also functions like one. At the heart of it is an auto-rotating light that’s able to reach far and wide – which makes it a perfect as a guiding light. Auto charges in the day and shines in the night.

#8. Ochine Floating Fountain Solar Light


Finding a great way to breathe new life into your garden, pond, birth bath, or fish tank? One brilliant idea to consider is this solar light fountain. It requires no battery or plug. Sun is all it needs. Let it floats on the water, and once the solar panel gains sunlight, it will automatically jet water in the air and springs everything back to life.

#9. Pandawill Color-Changing Solar Table Lamp: Indoor or Outdoor


Got bored with staring at your own backyard. Even a full set of garden furniture from Borneo doesn’t help? It’s time to inject some liveliness into it. Perhaps this color-changing solar lamp is the only missing piece. Let it absorbs sunshine during the day. When night comes, switch it to “Single” for white light or “Color” for dreamy and beautiful colored light. You’ll be amazed at the results.

#10. Stela 3-in-1 Multi-function Solar Light


Ever come across a solar-powered light that charges your phone and keeps you safe? This 3-in-1 solar light is the perfect solution. Integrated with a solar panel and a powerful battery pack, it put out more than enough light for you every time. Whether it’s constant lighting or security light when motion is detected. It keeps you prepared in any kind of situation.

…The End…

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