10 Mini & Creative Vacuum Cleaners That’ll Make You Want To Suck All Day

Size matters. You see people always think big means power. But the absolute truth is no one likes lifting a bulky and heavy vacuum just to make a space clean. And because cleaning up is often a thing you do last – when you already tired working your butt off, you want it to be quick, light, and super easy.

Then you realize you’ve another issue. Where to store it? Unless you want to display next to your beautiful arts to bring out the contrast. I bet you’d gunny sack it inside your store. So is there a hope where small thing really is the distinction?

Here, this awesome compilation showcases 10 mini & creative vacuum cleaners that you probably love. Start the sucker wherever you see something you dislike – I mean debris, dust, crumbs, or residues. Be it in your home, car, or office.

Let’s have a look.

#1. Elgood Desktop Mini Vacuum Cleaner: No Dead Angle Cleaning


So you just want a simple vacuum for your kids? So they can keep their desk neat and tidy. Every time without excuse – being too heavy, noisy or hard to operate. Look no further. This unit might be your next big help. Not only it works superbly. The design itself would compel them to use it with lots of fun – like holding a mouse that sucks in your hand.

#2. Brigii Mini Vacuum Cleaner: Suck Blow Dual Functions


Weighs only 356g. But what’s contained inside the small cylinder is an impressive 2000Pa suction power waiting to be released. Designed with double actions for easy cleaning. Just use either end to suck or blow. And interchange nozzles to reach tight spaces. 3-4 hours of recharge via any USB port is all you need.

#3. YXIUER Hybrid UV Light Vacuum Cleaner: Kill Bed Bug & Mite


You might not see them coming. But they’re probably already there, on your bed, multiplying. How come? One reason is if you only use one vacuum for all type of cleanings. So it’s clear you need a specialist to clean your bed. A good one must be small and lightweight. Possess strong vacuum and UV sterilization effect. Like this one. So you can clean with ease.

#4. IGOKOTI Mini Vacuum Cleaner: Energy Saving Design


Looking for a great kitchen helper that picks up crumbs or scattered seasoning? So you know the small little thing frustrates. And you want results fast. Forget about the big equipment that would take ages to set up. This handheld vacuum, powered only by 2 AA batteries, can help you fix the mess quickly – and most importantly – cheaply.

#5. Fannuoyi Handheld Mini Vacuum Cleaner: High Suction Power


How strong is it, you ask? It can suck up 4 pieces of iPhone 8 in one breathe. Believe it or not. Grab this tube and the power is in your hand. But there’s more. With this unit, you can clean any surface – dry or wet. No irritating cord. 2-3 hours of recharge is all you need. And insured by long battery life and quick charge with protection technology.

#6. LJYT Handheld Mini Vacuum Cleaner: Travel Mug Design


Most vacuum cleaners are remarkably boring. They look the same, feel the same, and work the same – suck. But luckily some are trying to break free from the stereotype. This is one of them. Designed to resemble a thermos or travel mug. Is it not more comfort to the eyes and fun to use? Not to mention functions that are equally good! See more below.

#7. BISSELL Flexible Cordless Hand Vacuum: Special For Car


Designed for versatile and powerful car cleaning. This unit comes with all crevice tools and a 2 foot long flexible hose to reach every corner of your car. And LED lights to expose messes hidden in the dark. Though not the smallest in size, it’s still mini enough for easy storage.

#8. Tsumbay Handheld Mini Vacuum Cleaner: Extra Strong Power


Want more power? Let’s see if that’s even possible for a mini vacuum cleaner. 8000Pa of force from a 120W motor powered only by a 2500mAh battery. Now that’s not a joke. This unit is so strong that it can remove any dust deeply hidden in sofas and carpets. Comes with 3 special tools to make cleaning easy and quick. Good for wet or dry use.

#9. Philips Pen-Shaped Mini Vacuum Cleaner: The Inhaler

(Yanko Design)

This mini vacuum cleaner from Philips is tiny yet powerful. Called the Inhaler. It helps you remove dust from your keyboard and other small crevices. Its slender pen shape provides comfort and better grip to the hand. The tip is made narrow to reach tight areas and gaps – while producing high pressure for best performance.

#10. Conceptual Handheld Mini Vacuum Cleaner: The Drip

(Yanko Design)

Reality check. Is vacuum cleaner often stored in the closet to keep it out of view? Yes – and you know why. This conceptual “Drip” mini handheld vacuum cleaner has been designed to change just that. To integrate the humble appliance back into everyday lives. Solving three problems – storage, cleaning and beautifying your space at once.

…The End…

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