10 FUN Healthy Cleaning Products That Will Make You A Cleaning Addict

So you never like house chores. No one likes it anyway. Because it’s hard, boring and worse still unsafe. You think there must a different way of doing this. You look around and find almost everything else have progressed (some revolutionized). But not home cleaning?

All you want is a good healthy cleaning routine that is effective and safe to the environment and cleaning staff. In combination with comfort lighting to beautify your personal space.

Here, this cool compilation of 10 fun healthy cleaning products would probably help you change the way you see home cleaning. Read the headline again – don’t say we never warn you.

Let’s get started!

#1. Dirtfree Cleaning To-Do Tasks App


Looking for ideas to make an essential chore more fun? The “Dirtfree” is an easy to use cleaning to-do tasks app that helps keep track of your cleaning routine. Remaking your once dreaded activity into an enjoyable process. Simply tick off the chores you need to do. Do the cleaning, like playing games, will unlock a series of badges and achievements to keep you motivated. Learn the handy cleaning tips and tricks inside!

#2. Keledz Cool Mama Fridge Odor Cleaner & Freshener


This creative Cool Mama is an easy and safe way to keep your foods in your refrigerator smelling fresh and clean for months. It effectively absorbs odors without using any harmful toxic chemicals. Simply fill it with baking soda and let her do all the cleaning work. That’s all you need to do to enjoy the lasting freshness. A lovely and fun figure to cheer you up.

#3. Pongtu Toilet Disposable “CPR” Sticker Plunger


If you’ve ever used a conventional plunger to unblock your toilet, you’ll absolutely love this invention. Just try this out! Push the center of the plunger sticker down and forces the clog out from the pipes. Made to be so durable and sticky that you can stand on top of it without falling through. Watch the step-by-step “CPR” video below now…

#4. BLACK DECKER Grimebuster Power Scrubber Brush: BHPC130

(Black Decker)

There’s a smarter way of cleaning up your kitchen after meal. If you’re still doing the old way, it’s time to change. Doing this wet work for a long time cause problems. Instead, rely on this batteries-powered tool for fast and easy cleaning. Capable of cutting through tough dirt and stopping your exposure to kitchen chemicals and dampness.

#5. Peachy At Home Cute Unique No-Odor Dish Scrubber

(Peachy At Home)

Hard to imagine dish scrubber to go away soon. So why not use something better and last longer? These cute sponges are soft and big. Made of thousand of fine hairs to hold a lot of suds. Big saving on dish soap. Cleans deeply & completely leaving no residue behind. They also don’t stick onto food like regular sponges do – less chances for bacteria to grow.

#6. Oh My Clean Extra Large Eraser Sponge Scrubber

(Oh My Clean)

No one loves cleaning. Because it’s hard and hazardous. Now there’s a smart and easy way to clean your kitchen, bathroom, floors, shoes, car, toilet, sink, and more. This incredible Eraser Sponge effortlessly cut through tough stain and grease. Just wet with water, squeeze and wipe, letting the eraser do the work. It’s that easy. Never again use the stinky bleach, abrasive, and corrosive chemicals.

#7. HONANK Hedgehog Soft Laundry Dryer Balls


Safe and non-toxic way of washing and drying your laundry economically. Super easy to use. Just toss them into the washing machine along with your clothes. The many little raised dots on the hedgehogs will help make your clothes become cleaner, softer and less wrinkles. You know what. You can say goodbye to all chemical-laden fabric softener. Saving you money and your health!

#8. ColorCoral Universal Dust Cleaning Gel


The Colorcoral dust cleaning gel offers simple and convenient cleaning solution for home and office electronics. Made of biodegradable material. Not sticky to hands and smells sweet with lemon fragrance. Simply take a piece of the cleaning gel, knead it into a ball, and press it on to surfaces and then pull out. The dust would be carried away with the gel.

#9. Egret Electrolyzed Water (EO) Food Safe Sterilizer Cleaner


Looking to eliminate the need to use harsh chemicals or solvents in your cleaning? The Egret EO Cleaner is the best cleaning product you can find. It works by transforming water and salt into a solution of sodium hydroxide and hypochlorous acid – which works effectively as a detergent and disinfectant. Capable of killing 99.95% of bacteria and viruses. 100% natural, non-toxic, eco-friendly and safe to use.

#10. Bottle Bright All Natural Biodegradable Cleaning Tablets

(Bottle Bright)

How to clean containers and accessories in the safest and easiest way possible? Absolutely no scrubbing required! Here’s how. Drop this chlorine-free and environmentally safe cleaning tablet into your vessel, let the tiny effervescent bubbles clean through residue, film, or taste. Made of all-natural and biodegradable ingredients, so you can be sure they’re safe to use in your drinking vessels.

…The End…

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