10 CREATIVE Personal Heating Gadgets That Will Win Back Your Comfort

Yes, winter is here. It’s a love-hate story, isn’t it? There’re things to love in winter – a time of relaxation and revitalization. Except for the cold. So you vow to stay indoor and fire everything up to make your personal space cozy and warm. But only if this works all season long. If the electricity bill is not an issue, probably not going outdoor is?

You already got that creative cooling which made a huge difference last summer. And you can achieve the same as season changes. When the cold is biting bitterly, you know these warmers are there 24/7 to protect you.

Here, this awesome cool compilation showcases 10 Creative Personal Heating Devices you would probably appreciate. Enjoy their accompany wherever you are. Indoor or outdoor regardless. Because they can do one thing really well – keeping you warm. You don’t know you need them until you see them

Let’s begin!

#1. Fairycat Electric Pulse Neck Warmer & Massager


Experiencing a cold stiff neck? This amazing pulse heated neck massage is going to help warm up and relieve your neck muscle strains. Unlike a mechanical massager (that vibrates). It uses soft electric touch to simulate real human massage to promote blood circulation and relax your neck or shoulder pain. Design to achieve max comfort. Cordless and portable. Simply charge over the USB port and enjoy 4 hours of continuous use.

#2. MagicFlow Bladeless Cooling Fan Space Heater


Looking for all-in-one space cooling & heating device? This new bladeless heater is one of the best you will find. Function as heater in winter and cooler in summer. Uniquely made to maximize heat flow without fan noise. Oscillates to enhance air circulation. But the secret is in the unique circle heating element. Designed to fit the air outlet perfectly. Which generates fast and even heating with no dust burning smell.

#3. Muggo Rechargeable Battery-Powered Self-Heating Travel Mug


Want to enjoy every sip at just the right temperature until the last drop? This innovative battery-charged travel mug is really like no other. It has a charging station so you can heat up your drink while you charge the battery. Instantly double up the heating time available. Along with the space-grade insulation you will have long hours to enjoy your drink. Just uses touch-sensitive controls to set to your perfect temperature and enjoy your beverages the way you like it.

#4. Zippo USB Rechargeable Hand Warmer


Is your hands feeling cold and numb now? If yes, this hand warmer from Zippo might be the best cure for you. No ugly heating element. No messy electric wire. Just doing one thing well for you – keep you warm everywhere you go. Indoor or outdoor. Plenty of heat inside the hand warmer ready to be released. Just charge via any USB outlet, adjust the heat duration and level to your needs. Then sit back and enjoy!

#5. THERMA-STRETCH Head & Face Heating Pad


Getting more headaches or migraines with winter in full swing? It isn’t your imagination. Cooler temperatures are often the culprit. Perhaps what you really need is an effective home remedy to ease the pain. No fancy gadget. This head wrap is professionally made with high-quality material that can absorb and transfer heat effectively. Just wrap it on and administer compression therapy to the affected areas.

#6. SereneLife Portable Spa Massage Stones Heater Set


Feeling muscle tension, soreness, and stiffness after hard day work in the cold? Now you can have this therapeutic relief whenever wherever you want. Warm the stones while on the go. This all-in-one hot rock massage heater kit comes with a car lighter power adapter and power cable, a hot stone heating bag, digital temperature controller, and 12 massaging stones (6 large, 6 small). Let the heat from the stones heals your pains. Quick and easy!

#7. “Testicuzzi” Your Personal Nuts Hot Tub Massager: For Men Only


Experiencing shrinkage as the weather gets cold? This is an important sign of their health and happiness. Because they only work at just the right temperature. Keeping them happy is absolutely crucial. Luckily, Testicuzzi have you covered. This hot bath is specifically designed for your greatest testicle comfort. Battery-powered with temperature control. Just fire it up and get the bubble going. Dip your nuts into the bath and soak up all the soothing sensation.

Learn more how it works here…

#8. DCI Hidden Flask Mittens: One Size Fits Most


Getting clumsy when drinking with your mittens on? This little secret is the solution you will need. These are not your regular mittens. They’ve got a 4oz refillable flask neatly hidden and out of sight (on the left hand). So you can keep warm inside and out in the cold. Fun and convenient way to enjoy your favorite hot drink. The flask is made from acrylic material and the mittens have a fleece lining for full comfort and warmth.

#9. ORORO “SEQUOIA” Groundbreaking New Technology Heated Socks


Feeling terribly cold on the sole of your foot? You need something really different. How about wearing this groundbreaking new technology heated socks. They will help keep your toes warm for up to 10 hours with just batteries. Uses ultra-thin heating filament to minimize the feeling of its existence and comfort. And wrapped with silica rubber to prevent any short circuit or overheating.

#10. Navaris Solar Heating Camping Shower Bag


Want the home comfort of a shower while out camping? This Navaris solar shower bag will do just that. The PVC material absorbs solar energy from direct sunlight to heat up the water inside the bag. Up to 105°F (40°C) in just 3 hours with direct sunlight. So you no need for gas or electricity to enjoy a warm shower or wash outdoors!

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