10 CREATIVE & Cool Cooling Devices That Will Up Your Comfort In The Heat

So you never like summer. The heat wave from the scorching sun is stripping you naked of your comfort and patience. So badly that you plan to hideaway in your air-conditioned room all day. But the idea is not going to work. Because you need to get things done. You think of meeting up an old friend, attending an open-air concert, watching your favorite team plays, mowing the lawn, or running errands.

You tried some cooling devices in the past. They worked but were either too bulky or boring to carry around. People laughed looking at them. Now you want something different. Where is the cool stuff that cools?

Here, this awesome compilation showcases 10 Mini Cooling Devices that you probably have been waiting for. Enjoy carrying them around with the coolness they bring – like never before. And don’t be surprised if you catch someone’s eye along the way.

Let’s Begin!

#1. Jentxon Stylish Perfume Bottle USB Cooling Fan


This is no ordinary fans. Specially designed for ladies! To look and feel like a trendy perfume bottle that blows out cool air. Not only it is impressively beautiful but powerful and quiet. It has 3 speeds setting to meet daily different demands. Highly portable, lightweight and easy carry inside your handbag. And it will be a good partner everywhere you go.

#2. NZB Solar USB Dual Charging Fan Cooling Cap


Feeling hot with a normal cap on – as sweat suffusing and dampening your hair? This self-cooling dual charging fan cap is going to change thing around. Powered by Solar and USB to ensure continuous fan operation. Also made of soft and breathable fabric to help remove heat quickly. Providing the shades and cooling you need all day outdoor.

#3. G2T Portable Heating & Cooling Electric Scarf


This innovative heating & cooling electric scarf helps maintain your body temperature starting from your neck efficiently. But there’s more. Now you don’t need to switch on big AC machine to relieve this little discomfort on your neck – potentially huge saving. Super compact, portable and looks trendy on your neck too. With the semiconductor technology and “soft” on skin, you can bring comfort everywhere you go even when heat or cold waves hit.

#4. LiyuanQ USB Rechargeable Hand Free Neck Cooling Fan


Want a cooling fan that can be wound or hang literally everywhere? On your neck, above your umbrella, on car rear-view mirror, or backpack strap. Its uses have no limit. You name it. Built with high performance brushless motor and 7-blade fan, the end result is low noise and strong airflow. So the next time you go outdoors, enjoy total hand-free freedom and chill in the heat of sun. Never let discomfort spoils your day.

#5. Goldfox Cooling Jacket: For Work & Outdoor


Soaking in sweat? But you can’t do without your protective workwear? This cooling fan jacket is built especially for you. The battery-powered fan has 4 airflow settings which can last up to 18 hours. Comes in two outputs – you can use DC for the fan and USB for charging electrical devices. Zip off sleeves to convert the long sleeve to a short sleeve shirt. Four large pockets and a exclusively battery pocket to meet your outdoor needs. Never let the heat and wet ruin your day!

#6. WoneNice Portable Mini Cooling Fan & Air Conditioner


Using evaporative cooling concept, this mini “air conditioner” can cool down air temperature by pulling in hot surrounding air through a wet sponge. For this to work, it uses a different type of fan (centrifugal blower) which is stronger than the normal fan without generating noise. Thus providing the cool breeze on you whenever you go. Best of all, it only runs on AA batteries or USB power.

#7. O2Cool Small Carabiner Keychain Misting Fan


Looking for a cooling fan the size of a keychain? This 4.3-in fine mist sprayer is the ultimate mini fan you will find. Equipped with a one-speed motor with soft foam blades. Powerful and safe even for kids. Simply fill up with water and spray yourself with a cooling fine mist anywhere you go. Included carabiner allows you to clip on to your bag, belt loop, or anything that is coming with you on your adventures.

#8. Thanko Fanbrella: The Mist-spraying Cooling Umbrella


Plan to hibernate in air-cond room this summer, no more with this creative mist-spraying fan fanbrella. It will shade you from the hot sun while keeping you cool with a fan above your head. Just push a drink bottle in and you will enjoy a cool breeze all day long. This hybrid evaporative cooling is a quick and easy way to get your temperature under control.

#9. Coolmen Testicle Cooling Device


This ain’t a joke! Man. This thing might just be your savior. As it turns out, temperature plays a vital role in the health of your testicles. This testicles cooling device is specifically designed to improve semen production and increase fertility in men. One degree celsius can reduce 40% of semen production. Made of anti-bacterial, lightweight and flexible materials for superb comfort. Simply connect to your mobile app and start providing the care they need.

#10. Thanko USB Cooling Necktie


Feeling choking hot after putting your necktie on? This USB cooling necktie will do the trick for you. Providing the cooling comfort you need around the collar. Simply plug in to the USB port. And power up the internal fan for easy removal of heat.

…The End…

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