10 Creative & Cool Aroma Essential Oil Diffusers That Will Calm Your Day

So you’re in a bad mood, and you have a lot of problems that you need to worry about throughout the day. Perhaps it’s not a good idea to ruminate all day. You just need a quiet and fresh moment to clear the mental fog away. Of all the noises. Or maybe to try to help others get out of it.

Welcome into the ambient of aromatherapy – but the old way has long gone. How cool is it to have creative and beautifully-designed diffusers to flood your space with the fresh scent.

Next, you’re sure of a big surprise. Because in this article, we’ve compiled 10 cool designs of essential oil diffusers that will satisfy both your physical and emotional eyes. If you’re looking for more options, you may find these essential oil diffusers especially special!

Let’s begin!

#1 Edens Garden Essential Oil Diffuser: No Heat, Electricity Or Water Required

(Edens Garden)

Let your space blossom with aromatherapy with the ceramic bloom diffuser. This chic diffuser brings a tasteful accent to your interior while spreading the benefits of your favorite essential oils. It’s expertly crafted for safety without compromising quality and tested to ensure each oil’s therapeutic value and purity. Best for Home & Office.

#2. Konfa Essential Oil Diffuser: USB Charged Night Light + Small Fan


This 3-in-1 essential oil diffuser adds aromatherapy moist for home, office, bedroom, and nursery. It produces very low noise and ideal for creating a quiet sleeping environment. Of all the many benefits, this diffuser humidifies and refreshes the air we breathe while relieving stress.

#3. Sparoom GemAir Essential Oil Diffuser: Stone-Age Design


This is a gorgeous piece of art with geometric cuts and marble finish. It features warm white light mode making it perfect for home decor. Built to perform 5 hours of continuous mist or up to 10 hours of intermittent mist for medium room sizes. Get this all in one air diffuse now…

#4. Aroma Zen Essential Oil Diffuser: Classy + Pure Beauty


This diffuser features a geometric polyresin cover and a 120ml water tank. Automatic shut-off and whisper-quiet operation. It can cover a medium-size room up to 5 hours of continuous mist or 10 hours of intermittent mist. Save time with this beautiful gold foiled box that’s ready for gifting. Just turn over the tag and address it to a loved one.

#5. Breath Essential Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser: Wood Grain & Quiet

(Breathe Essential)

This best selling diffuser can run for over 18 hours with a 550mml water tank. Made with BPA-free and medical grade materials so they will not breakdown oils. It comes with 4 timer settings, 16 LED light options, and 2 mist outputs to customize your aromatherapy experience. Also designed with auto-off function when the water level is too low. This wood grain diffuser is perfect for any decor making it a great gift for your friends and family.

#6. Smiley Daisy Essential Oil Diffuser: Simple + Clean Design

(Smiley Daisy)

This essential oil diffuser looks simple and clean. Feel relaxed when looking at the changing LED lights and fragrance mist. Get all the benefits of aromatherapy! Humidify your space to avoid the common cold, flu, allergic asthma, dry nasal passages and etc. Run it up to 6 hours full capacity and it will auto shut-off when the water level is low. Great to have in offices, SPA, and bedroom that is less than 200 square feet. 5 drops of essential oil is what you need to make your room smell good.

#7. Apexan Essential Oil Diffuser: Smooth Uniform Mist


This unique acorn diffuser gives the ultra-fine and smooth uniform mist. Effectively scent your place with natural fragrances, providing a soothing and calm ambiance. Run it as long as you like with no disturbance to your sleep. Have peace of mind! The unit will auto-off when water runs out. Look no more. If you are looking for a perfect gift that everyone will love and makes great memories.

#8. Now Essential Oil Diffuser: Real Bamboo Design

(Now Foods)

This is for nature lovers. The Now Essential Oil Diffuser is made of real bamboo that’s a perfect complement to your home or office. It’s BPA-free! And uses no heat to create an ultra-fine mist. Just add water and a few drops of your favorite essential oils and enjoy.

#9. ZAQ Mirage Essential Oil Diffuser: Energy Efficient + Color-changing Light


This rare diffuser looks like a UFO. And will help fix the bad smell in your home. Get one and turn on your life with vibrantly colored soft LED glows. Big enough to fill large, open spaces. But expect low energy usage even running long hours.

#10. Lil Elephant Essential Oil Diffuser: Cute + Safe Design


This cute and unique aromatherapy air diffuser is perfect for your little one’s room. If you ever have any safety concerns. Don’t worry. It’s USB charged and shut off automatically if run dry. Put in the dark and a range of colors light up to create a cute night time. Beautiful to look at. And using only minimal power great for long hours operation.


Hope you’ve enjoyed this compilation of Creative Essential Oil Diffuser designs so far! If you found this interesting, remember to share it with your friends. Because chances are, they’re looking for some rare and cool aroma diffuser to humidify and purify their house too as well!

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