10 Creative & Cool UV Sanitizers That Will Keep You Safe Anywhere Anytime

Year 2020… has been stolen from us. And the culprit? a known unknown… that sends the scientific world spinning and financial world crashing. So big an impact that it’s only right to know the real age of a person is by minus one. Sad but true.

Full story here. If you haven’t had enough of it. But our heart is burning with hope. So if there’s anything we could do to help (from what we’ve learned from ASHRAE so far), it is this – UV light destroys virus. As backed by tonnes of scientific studies over the years.

Here, we’ve compiled a list of 10 creative & cool UV light sanitizers that might become your true soldiers as we continue the fight. Add these little tools to your personal space. And never have to worry again about these invincible pathogens. Because whether on a good or bad day, 99.99% of them vanishes under UV light exposure. You’re covered.

Lets get started.

#1. Lock & Lock UV Automatic Sanitizer: For Toothbrush

(Lock & Lock)

This product is the ultimate protection and solution to an age-old problem. Bring this sterilizer with you while traveling, and sanitize your toothbrush head with UV light. It’s the last sanitizing toothbrush holder you’ll ever need to buy. The ultraviolet light will keep your brush safe around the toilet (especially after flushing), eliminating 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. For maximum convenience, this sanitizer is rechargeable via USB.

#2. Luvski Portable UV Sanitizer Stick: Beautiful Lipstick Design


This USB rechargeable mini disinfection stick is an ideal solution to sanitize for many occasions. You just name it. Pull out the top part, activate and scan wherever you want to be sanitized. 10 seconds is all you need. Also designed to look like a pull-out lipstick to complement your classy handbag or purses. Try it out yourself! Not a big surprise if it attracts some jealousy stares?

#3. R Flory Motion Sensor UV Germicidal Lamp Night Light: For Toilet

(R Flory)

This UV germicidal lamp is ideal for quality sterilization and disinfection of toilet. What’s more, it is also a smart night light activated by motion and light-sensitive sensors. 100% waterproof and only powered with small 3 AA batteries up to 30 days. No more hassle for finding the light switch and protecting kids from stumbling in the dark.

#4. CrazyCap UV Water Purifier & Sanitizer: For Cleaning Drinking Water


This award-winning water bottle can kill 99.9996% of mold, bacteria, and viruses from the water with UV light. To sanitize any surface, simply use the Cap as a travel wand. Backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. It’s the best alternative to boiled water and water tablets. Now you can instantly stop bacteria and mold from breeding in your water bottle. And turns any water source into clean drinkable water.

#5. XLQ UV Sterilization Holder Box: For Kitchen Cutlery

This intelligent UV Sterilization holder uses double sterilization techniques – UV LED + Photocatalyst. Super quick disinfection and effective removal of bacteria, formaldehyde, and odor in 10 seconds. It has 3 charging methods solar, light and USB which means you no longer need to worry about power problems – use anytime and anywhere. And allows you to eat healthy and safe!

#6. KSQ Ultra Portable UV Light Sanitizer: For Smartphones


This innovative UV germicidal light sanitizer is made especially for smartphones. Plug into the port of smartphones and illuminate any surface for 20 seconds. Killing 99.99% germs hidden in crevices or corners where cleaning wipes can’t reach. Slip into your pockets – quick and easy for timely sanitizing virus-stained surface anywhere.

#7. Effilex Portable UV Light Sanitizer Box: For Travel & Small Personal Items


This light and durable case is designed to work as a travel or home sanitizer. It has broad uses. Not only it sterilizes your smartphone but it works on many personal items. Easy & safe to use and built to last. Push once to activate 10 min antibacterial kills and remove bad odors and automatically ends after. Inside the box – 1 UV sterilizer case, 1 user manual, 1 USB power cord to connect with any adapter or a power bank.

#8. Maexus UV Light Cube Sanitizer: Powerful & Efficient

Highly efficient with 4 powerful UV-C chips. Just sweep it across any surface. You can effectively clean 99.99% of common germs and viruses. It comes with 2 modes for ease of use. What’s more! This UV sanitizer is small in size and super easy to carry around. Once fully charged it can be used up to 300 times and charge it only with a power bank or your laptop easily via USB cable.

#9. UV Pro UV Light Sanitizer: For Footwear

(UV Pro)

The ‘UV Pro’ shoe UV sanitizer is designed to keep any footwear free of germs, bacteria, and odor. With the power of UV light, cleaning can not be easier. Now there is no need for harsh chemicals and hard cleaning work. The device can also be used in many areas around the home. If you’re imaginative enough, it can be practically applied to anywhere anytime.

#10. UVRoboclean Robot UV Light Sanitizer: For Counters & Tables

This Robot Sanitizer will automatically kill 99.9% of the bacteria on your counters and tables – without you looking at it. It moves autonomously guided by high tech sensors which prevent it from falling off. No more harmful chemicals or manual cleaning work required! What’s more, it can also be handheld to kill germs or viruses on any surface. So the next time you accidentally drop your food on the counter, no worries you’re perfectly safe.

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