10 BEST & Cool Electric Face Masks Your Breathing Need Right NOW

Why Electric Face Masks?

100% Pure Fresh New Zealand Air – For Sale. You think it is a gimmick of some kind, don’t you? Think again. Because somewhere near the south pole, some genius is turning it into a bit of a market. Selling them in cans – each containing 120 to 150 puffs.

For a price that might even excite a robber. Now here’s the thing. Why people are willing to pay so much for a can of nothing? Pretty unthinkable, isn’t it? And suddenly you become convinced that it is capitalism of the highest order. But it turns out…

People are sick of the pollution. A lot of people get asthma and lung cancers. Anything that can help ease that will be popular. Think of it – things are not any better in 2020. Something new attack us. Not dust, harmful gases, or bacteria, but a virus.

One thing for sure. We need more clean air than ever before. But how? What can we learn from countries that have beaten Covid-19? One of the keys is to wear mask. But there’s a problem – single-use masks end up polluting the ocean. So what’s the new solution?

Here, this awesome compilation showcases 10 Creative & Cool Electric Face Masks that you probably love. Try it out and transform the way you breathe NOW. Allow clean oxygen-rich air to reach down deep into your lungs. Keeping you safe and healthy – oh ya! the turtles too.

Let’s get started!

#1. NBL Electric Face Mask: Compact Design


So you’re always on the go. You dislike to carry with you bulky and heavy stuff, isn’t it? So if there’s a chance you’ll be using the electric face mask, this unit is perfect for you. Purposely made to be compact, easy to fold, and fit in your pocket. All while retaining the core qualities of this unit – filtering 99% particles and harmful gases, smart fan control, and etc.

#2. 4WDKING Electric Face Mask: With Japan HEPA Filter


Looking for a face mask with high grade filter? Not easy to find because unless it has a good system to overcome the resistance, it just won’t work. But you’re lucky. This unit has it sorted. Equipped with high quality (H13) Japan filter and functioning electric air filter, you can now enjoy overflowing of clean air as clean as 99.9% – 8 to10 hours with a full charge.

#3. SoJourner 7-Color Glowing Lights Mask: Party Costume


So you want to stand out from the crowd? To be honest, the ordinary face mask will not help you. You’d be looking at this color-changing LED mask – 7 colors and 5 different light modes. Imagine 10 hours of continuous glowing while you dance, party & disco. It’ll sure draw lots of attention while protecting you from dusty air.

#4. Rrtizan Electric Air Mask: With Activated Carbon Filter


Need extreme protection for mouth, nose, and lung? Read on. This electric face masks has 4 layers of filter. More than enough to remove all pollutants from your air. Thanks to the built-in internal turbo fan with 2-speed control. Now you can tune it to your liking – for total comfort during workout, daily work, or normal use. Without worries over air quality.

#5. GENERIC Electric Face Mask: New & Stylish Design


Are you on the lookout for a fashionable face mask? Check this out – you’ll love this new tech wear. This unit is so designed that it’s light and looks stylish. Just look at the sterile strap that goes around the head like a belt and holds the mask onto the face. How sleek was that? With an electric fan and high-quality filter, your breathing will be forever transformed.

#6. Teyne Electric Respirator Mask: Safe Breathing Design


Find it hard to breathe with a mask on while doing outdoor sports? Read on. Do you know exhaled air has a 100 fold increase in CO2? And inhaling back the air can cause hypoxia. A condition in which the body cells are deprived of O2. You need a specially designed electric mask such as this – which has a micro turbo to actively bring in filtered air, and a one-way outlet valve to quickly vent out dirty air.

#7. ZYC Electric Full Face Respirator Gas Mask: With Canister & Pump


Want to filter air and breathe like a boss? This incredible electric face mask is really like no other. It uses an air pump to force all impurities including harmful gases through a canister, trapping them all in the process – leaving only clean air out. But there’s more. Now backed by a strong rechargeable battery, you can use it up to 7 hours with only 3 hours of charging.

#8. Wonwan Electric Face Mask: Soft Cotton & Skin Friendly


If you plan to wear mask for a long time, comfort is everything. But how could you achieve that? This is where this distinct mask comes in. The cover is made of soft and skin-friendly cotton that’ll shrink to the contour of your face. Providing smooth texture. On top of that, it uses a small 2-speed fan to help you breathe easy and freely – without the hot air trap.

#9. CX9 World’s First Customizable Eco-friendly Smart Mask


Wow. Things just got smarter. This ‘CX9’ face mask is known for its customizable design that will allow full control how the fan should function – to suit daily activities. It can also be easily deconstructed for part-by-part cleaning. But the real gem is on the inside. Using UVC LED, it automatically and safely sterilizes the filter by 99.99% during charging. And claims to provide skin therapy too while wearing.

#10. AirZ Electric Face Mask: With 3 Airflow Speed


This electric face mask is designed to meet the standards of ASTM F2101 and PFE. But what is so special about it? See this. How is this even possible? First, it has a fine 5-layer filter and a fan that is capable of filtering out 99% particles and bacteria. But to meet the test efficiency, the airflow must be constant even when filter becomes dirty. Now that’s possible thanks to the 3-speed fan control.

…The End…

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