10 COMFORT & Creative Night Lights That Make Living So Much Fun

So you’re back in your living space after a long day. Slouching unhappily and bored. Maybe you’re too tired. And you want to take a quick nap but you couldn’t. Because the harsh lights keep beaming into your eyes. You try again by turning the lights off – only to be wakened up by your own gummy sweat and odor. And you think there must be a cool way to remove this bad smell.

Why comfort feels more like a luxury than a necessity? You wonder…

Here, this awesome compilation showcases 10 night light designs that you would probably love. Changing your space atmosphere is all you need to do. Take control of the light levels around you and regain comfort. Stress no more.

Let’s begin.

#1. Tuscom Mini Wallet Portable LED Night Light


Finding ideas to make your presence romantic? You will love this lovely credit card size LED night light. Very portable and powered only by a small battery. Place these 5 pieces together in the dark ambiance. And the background effect it created will sure to amaze you and your company. A wonderful little touch for a wedding, party, restaurants, cafes, bars, bedroom, bathroom, baby room, and other places.

#2. Suck UK USB Bottle LED Night Light

(Suck UK)

If only you know this earlier. You will not throw out your empty glass bottles. Now you can transform them into a nice piece of night art. Shaped like a cork with a bright LED, it turns every bottle into a unique space decor wherever you put it. Simply fits in any colored or patterned vintage bottles to experience the transformation and kiss goodbye to your boring drinking session. Best of all, they are rechargeable via any USB outlet.

#3. Vekkia Bookmark Book LED Night Light


This is a product made out of love for book readers. This bookmark book light has 6 energy-efficient LEDs with 3 brightness levels. Soft and uniform light comfort the eyes while reading, working, or studying. Has a built-in rechargeable battery. No cable needed for recharged via any USB port. Enjoy yourself more than 15 hours of reading on low setting. Never lose your page again with this ultra-thin design bookmark.

#4. Callm Universal Cabinet Inner Hinge LED Night Light


This could save you from the creepy cockroaches at night. No extra motion needed. Simply mount it on the inner hinge of your cabinet. Open the door and the light will automatically on. How neat is that? Also, help keep your melatonin level high by avoiding turning on the main light. So you can sleep soundly after a quick supper…

#5. Greenic Solid Rotating Multicolor LED Night Light


Turning on the main light is both boring and energy-consuming. This 3-mode night light can switch from solid color (8 colors), multicolor (rotate through 8 colors), and cool white (2 level brightness). Auto comes on when it’s dark and turn off when it’s dawn. No more stumbling or harsh light to the eyes. Simply plug in into outlets and let it lights up the room. Wouldn’t be a great safety precaution for kids or senior’s bedroom? Try it now.

#6. Gweilo “White Ghost” Fluid Night Light

(Yanko Design)

These hand-crafted masterpieces are so wonderful to look at and a heavenly ornament to any space. A new expression of light in fluid and dynamic movement. So how is it made? Check out this innovative manufacturing technique – embedding LEDs in the sheets.

#7. Gingko Octagon One Modern LED Night Light


This Octagon One desk lamp is designed to be simple and natural. But there’s more. It also has modern elements of touch power control and built-in rechargeable battery which makes it totally portable. Strong lumen with 36 high-quality micro LED lights and adjustable 4-level brightness. Simply flip it to any position you like and create a warm background lighting.

#8. SouthPo Little People Ceiling Pendant LED Night Light


Swing alone…This beautiful pendant lighting design creates a lively and stylish ambiance for your space. Made of high-quality material and smooth finishes. Choose your preferred lamp type – halogen, LED, or incandescent. Lits it up so every time you see it, it makes you smile. Now you know someone, somewhere, is lonelier than you.

#9. NEA Studio Raw Algae Ceiling Pendant Night Light


These lamps are made of dried seaweed and they look absolutely stunning. You will find the shape and shade uniquely different from each other. Thanks to the nature of raw algae when left to dry to retain its original form. It adds an alluring and beautifying element to any space whether it’s arranged in a single row or randomly scattered.

#10. BosQueen Folding Book LED Night Lamp


Looking for something special? This folding book lamp is a transformer. When fully opened it will turn into a beautiful lantern. Perfect for your reading or chill out session with friends. Built with high-quality LED beads that are soft and gentle your eyes. And make your living spaces so much better and feeling cozy.

…The End…

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