About Us


More and more scientific evidence reveals the air in our homes has become seriously more polluted than the air outside. It is worse in big cities.

This has sent many thousands of people every year into medical oblivion, not to mention the fat bills that come with it. The sad truth is it has nothing to do with their genes.

Something is in the air… that makes this so epidemic.

Something needs to be done…

At HVACares we believe that quality indoor air creation is the fundamental long-term solution to excellent health.

To put it simply:

We can achieve good health by focusing on building a clean and healthy indoor air environment through proper HVAC applications.

We want you to see what we see through our lenses. Ultimately, to help you discover solutions and fix what bugs you.

It is our hope to give you the very best of what we have here. And we believe the experience and lessons learned throughout the last 10 years in the cleanroom and healthcare sectors will prove to be the cornerstone in this quest.

Thank you.

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