10 SMART Self Watering Systems That Will Bring New Life To Your Plants

Self Watering Cute Animals With Tongue Out

Join thousands of others who use these self watering systems to grow plants the smart and easy way.

So you’ve tried growing some plants in your house, only to see them die because you’d no time to water them as required. After all, you know plants deliver lots of benefits. They remove pollutants such as VOCs and carbon dioxide. And keep your indoor humidity level balanced. This in turn reduces ventilation requirements and energy consumed.

But equally, if not being removed constantly, they cause acute and long term health problems. See sick building syndrome. In recent studies published in CIBSE Journal, at least four highly toxic pollutants present in indoor environments. Acetaldehyde – irritant to eyes and airways. Benzene – leukemia and lung cancers. Formaldehyde – myeloid leukemia and airway cancers. NO2 – respiratory illnesses and decrease immune defense.

And you know that isn’t all. If more details are cited here, you’ll dumbstruck by the fact that your home is akin to a factory of pollutants. For that reason, maintaining excellent indoor air quality is a serious matter and nonstop effort. Luckily, the nature has your back.

Here, this awesome compilation showcases 10 Smart Self Watering Systems that you can rely on to help grow your house plants – the smart and easy way – while you’re away. Try it out today and free up your precious time and commitment forever!

Let’s get started!

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10 UNIQUE Mini Air Humidifiers You Can Use To Stay Safe & Healthy

mini mist humidifier

Easy Way To Boost Your Health With Mini Air Humidifiers

Important. You got to know this. Especially if you spend at least 85% of your time indoors during the winter. The report is out. Low indoor relative humidity (RH) causes a lot of health issues – according to ASHRAE Journal Sept 2020, pg-30. Read on.

New study reveals when indoor air is less than 40% RH, the natural defense system of your airways, eyes, and skin are impaired. Why? Because the moist loss from tissues leaves you significantly more vulnerable to infectious, inflammatory, and allergic diseases.

Not only that. It stresses brain functioning and overstimulates blood clotting which links to heart attacks and strokes. Further, dry air creates perfect conditions for viruses and bacteria to stay buoyant and flourish for longer periods of time. And for this reason they can spread more readily within your breathing zone.

So what’s the straightforward solution?

Here, this awesome compilation showcases 10 Unique Mini Air Humidifiers you probably will need. They’re small and easy to use anytime anywhere. Keep an eye on babies, kids or the elderly. Try it out today and take control of your health.

Let’s begin.

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10 BEST & Cool Electric Face Masks Your Breathing Need Right NOW

lady wearing electric mask

Why Electric Face Masks?

100% Pure Fresh New Zealand Air – For Sale. You think it is a gimmick of some kind, don’t you? Think again. Because somewhere near the south pole, some genius is turning it into a bit of a market. Selling them in cans – each containing 120 to 150 puffs.

For a price that might even excite a robber. Now here’s the thing. Why people are willing to pay so much for a can of nothing? Pretty unthinkable, isn’t it? And suddenly you become convinced that it is capitalism of the highest order. But it turns out…

People are sick of the pollution. A lot of people get asthma and lung cancers. Anything that can help ease that will be popular. Think of it – things are not any better in 2020. Something new attack us. Not dust, harmful gases, or bacteria, but a virus.

One thing for sure. We need more clean air than ever before. But how? What can we learn from countries that have beaten Covid-19? One of the keys is to wear mask. But there’s a problem – single-use masks end up polluting the ocean. So what’s the new solution?

Here, this awesome compilation showcases 10 Creative & Cool Electric Face Masks that you probably love. Try it out and transform the way you breathe NOW. Allow clean oxygen-rich air to reach down deep into your lungs. Keeping you safe and healthy – oh ya! the turtles too.

Let’s get started!

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10 UNIQUE & Cool Solar Lights That’ll Save Your Money Quick

Fountain Solar Light

Payday. What does it mean to you? Does your money go into reserve? Or does a big portion of it go to fill up the debt holes made by last week’s or month’s bills? You’ve got a truth to tell yourself. Okay. I hear you…

So the idea is this. How about stop making the big guys in the energy company rich by taking one small step today. Let me explain. For years scientists have been studying the sun. And in a stunning discovery, they found the sun produces more energy in one hour than the world used in one year. If that’s not stunning, I don’t know what’s. And it’s absolutely free.

So what’s the rationale or excuse of not tapping into this abundance. In perspective, it simply makes the idea of paying money for energy – an act of madness. Back to the main point. So what can be done today that’ll pay off tomorrow?

Here, this compilation showcases 10 Unique & Cool Solar Lights that will inspire you to kick start a long and rewarding journey. They’re not costly to own. But moreover, they’ll save you big time down the road. Power them up with the sun and gradually phase out all the dirty electric lightings.

Towards the promising end – Here we go!

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10 Mini & Creative Vacuum Cleaners That’ll Make You Want To Suck All Day

Size matters. You see people always think big means power. But the absolute truth is no one likes lifting a bulky and heavy vacuum just to make a space clean. And because cleaning up is often a thing you do last – when you already tired working your butt off, you want it to be quick, light, and super easy.

Then you realize you’ve another issue. Where to store it? Unless you want to display next to your beautiful arts to bring out the contrast. I bet you’d gunny sack it inside your store. So is there a hope where small thing really is the distinction?

Here, this awesome compilation showcases 10 mini & creative vacuum cleaners that you probably love. Start the sucker wherever you see something you dislike – I mean debris, dust, crumbs, or residues. Be it in your home, car, or office.

Let’s have a look.

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10 Unique & Smart Infrared Thermometers That Will Be Your Health Great Defender

lady taking forehead temperature

Looking for an infrared thermometer so you can monitor your health and your family’s health daily? Not something we normally do. But we knew what happened in recent months. Life is still far from normal.

Lots of measures have been discussed. With an aim to eliminate this bad virus. Among the measures in place is temperature monitoring or checks. It’s a fast and easy way to detect early signs of infection – fever.

Probably you’ve tried working with the old school thermometers. And you know they had problems. Now you want more. You want a smart and safe infrared thermometer that also looks different.

Here, you will find an awesome compilation of 10 unique smart infrared thermometers that you probably love. Shoot, measure, and read temperature like you’ve never done before. And keeping everybody safe under your monitor.

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10 UNIQUE & Cool Mini Portable Air Purifiers That Will Instantly Transform Your Breathing Zone

Guy Wearing Portable Air Purifier

So you’re feeling ridiculously unsafe while outside. Now, people are the new thing you try to avoid. Of what they called social distancing. Every cough tends to stop you. Every movement seems to scare you off. You can’t breathe easy and freely without thinking twice. Because you don’t trust the air quality anymore. It has become artificial and dirty – chemically and biologically.

The real air is gone?

This sounds extreme but it’s totally understandable. Though it’s the last thing you hope to happen. But what’s more important. How can you free from the “spell”? Is there a new way to handle this new situation?

Yes. It’s not all over yet. A choice is down there.

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10 CREATIVE Personal Heating Gadgets That Will Win Back Your Comfort

lady sleeping with head heating pad

Yes, winter is here. It’s a love-hate story, isn’t it? There’re things to love in winter – a time of relaxation and revitalization. Except for the cold. So you vow to stay indoor and fire everything up to make your personal space cozy and warm. But only if this works all season long. If the electricity bill is not an issue, probably not going outdoor is?

You already got that creative cooling which made a huge difference last summer. And you can achieve the same as season changes. When the cold is biting bitterly, you know these warmers are there 24/7 to protect you.

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10 CREATIVE & Cool Cooling Devices That Will Up Your Comfort In The Heat

guy wearing electric scarf

So you never like summer. The heat wave from the scorching sun is stripping you naked of your comfort and patience. So badly that you plan to hideaway in your air-conditioned room all day. But the idea is not going to work. Because you need to get things done. You think of meeting up an old friend, attending an open-air concert, watching your favorite team plays, mowing the lawn, or running errands.

You tried some cooling devices in the past. They worked but were either too bulky or boring to carry around. People laughed looking at them. Now you want something different. Where is the cool stuff that cools?

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10 FUN Healthy Cleaning Products That Will Make You A Cleaning Addict

Using Cleaning Gel

So you never like house chores. No one likes it anyway. Because it’s hard, boring and worse still unsafe. You think there must a different way of doing this. You look around and find almost everything else have progressed (some revolutionized). But not home cleaning?

All you want is a good healthy cleaning routine that is effective and safe to the environment and cleaning staff. In combination with comfort lighting to beautify your personal space.

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